Better PVP Rewards for Higher "lowest difficulty used"

This has probably been suggested before but why aren’t their “extra” or “more” rewards in PVP for those of us that use higher difficultys. I feel like if I reach rank 1 using Warlord II, I should be earning more than someone reaching rank 1 on lower difficulties. Thoughts?

You do earn more. The bonus of the difficulty will apply to the souls and gold. The main problem with it is that if you play one PvP on a lower difficulty, it overrides all your work for the week. Winning every match on Warlord 2 for a week currently gives you +75% souls and +50% gold of you rank reward.

The reward system should be expanded more for higher difficulties as well as averaging the total of the difficulties used, such as:
normal = 1
hard = 1.5
Warlord 1: 2
W2: 2.5
W3: 3
W4: 4

So someone who plays 20 warlord 1, but then 10 normal difficulty, would get a weekly reward of 1.67x their rank reward. Someone who did all Warlord 2 would be 2.5x, all Warlord 4 4x, etc.

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I feel like o never get more than 300/2000/100/10 and I always play on Warlord 2 or higher. Also, aside from the gold and souls, there should be more glory rewards based on difficulty.