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What are the 1-8 Win Arena Rewards for Hard-Warlord IV Difficulties?

So, the line says “Your Arena rewards will be based on your lowest difficulty used.” As someone who plays Gems of War (not just Arena mode) for fun, I’m not looking to get aggravated by a game, so I’ve only ever played on Normal difficulty (and thus, know what the rewards are for Normal mode). I’d rather not get discouraged trying to find out on my own (No Dawnbringer; made Xathenos as first crafted Soulforge item because I am a Steam achievement fool).

I am curious however, what the rewards are for the other difficulties (Hard - Warlords I to IV). Is it the Normal rewards with a multiplier or something? I’ve tried searching, but either get old threads or other Arena-related topics. Or maybe it’s listed on some other Gems of War website and someone can point me the way?


What are (1 through 8) Win Rewards for (Hard through Warlord IV) Difficulty? Screenshots would be a bonus, but not necessary :smiley:

Yes, it’s the normal Arena rewards with the normal difficulty multipliers applied.

Ah, but the # of keys and # of trophies awarded remain the same regardless of difficulty?

Correct. Only the gold & souls rewards are affected by the difficulty in arena.

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