Arena rewards vs PVP rewards


I know we have a similar discussions on other threads but I still thought its worty of noting the balance difference. After the recent patch arena rewards became even less good, Here is my 9 battle PVP earnings and my rewards for completing the arena. Granted on PVP I played with Valkyrie/Alchemist and on warlord I difficulty while on arena had no Valkyrie and played on normal difficulty but again its worth mentioning that on PVP you can play on higher difficulties because you have a better set up team while on arena you might end up playing with a rather poor team which would be rather suicidal to play on higher difficulties than hard.

9 PVP battles gave me

18,998 gold and 412 souls.

After completing the arena (in 9 battles) I got

3,421 gold and 302 souls.

So I got 5 x times more gold and around 100 more souls while playing on PVP. Yes I was using Valkyrie but as I said - PVP is about your own team set up which allows you to do some farming.

Seeing the results makes you wonder why would one still play arena? 3 Glory keys in my opinion are worse than 2 Iron keys used to be and with lesser soul gain its kind of tough to see the point in arena battles.


Those reasons as well as the uneven choices for the team you can build in arena from the choices you get compared to what the enemy gets sometimes have put me in pvp full time. Haven’t done one in days. The only thing that might be considered beneficial is the keys but . . . . . just barely.

Arena might be dead unless they fix it.


I believe this is a case of the Developers interpreting their data wrongly!!! They obviously saw too much gold and souls from Arena battles and changed the rewards without consider the WHY

It was easy under 1.0.7 to complete the Arena, go to the Hero tab, change to Warlord 4, then go back to the Arena to claim rewards, which gave as high as 4500 gold with Dragon Armor or 1300 souls with Celestial Armor … very much worth the effort !!

But in 1.0.8, instead of just closing the loop hole by not allowing a post completion level change to affect Arena rewards, they also reduced the amount of rewards when fixing the loop hole would have been sufficient … I am assuming both changes have completely KILLED the amount of people now doing The Arena event :confused:



They could add a lot more people to playing Arena again if they made it epic arena event again so everyone could buy epics for 1 gem. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think there are some new players doing the arena just like there are new players doing the TH, But for more experienced players who have some good teams, PVP is a considerably better option than arena.


I’m agree whit you guys but just a think:

9 PVP : 3*9 glory= 27 glory
9 arena: 3 glory key : 60 glory
and as @Tacet say, the possibility of buying troop

So the arena isn’t good for everyone, but people can find interest


Well Iam certainly not gonna spend over 300 gems to purchase one common, one rare and one ultra-rare, thats for sure… besides, after two weeks playing the game, I already have all commons, iam missing only two rares and one ultra-rare… what I need is epics and legendaries.


If the 3 troops you use are leveled 15+ then they cost 1 gem to buy, a nice way to get copys of ultra rares.


Would be nice to have an option to purchase them for 1 gem without the leveling (they would stay on the level you have them, or if you dont own the troop, it would be level 1).


I still would like the increased number of keys and souls back to 300 so that at least arena becomes a possible option again. Right now, though as been said new players might still play it, for old ones arena lacks of good rewards and seem more like waste of time.


Keep in mind, the target audience for the game is the largest active player base, which is comprised mostly of players under level 100.

Most system changes are going to be geared toward them.


while I appreciate the experiment data you neglected a major factor of time? How long did it take you to do 412 souls with valkyrie compared to 302 with arena?


For me, it takes less time than playing 10 arena matches. The Valkyrie can really power up some teams and give pretty quick kills.

Of course, I am currently stuck in soul farming mode trying out so many different teams.


My arena battles take longer.On PVP I play transformers deck so while it takes some time to charge after that you never miss a turn so while it looks like taking long its actually pretty short, specially now with necromancy skill.

I didnt take the time but I noticed that my arena battles usually take bit longer time to finish cause normally in arena you rely bit more on skulls (unless you have bit better cards drop into your hands).


I find that when I try to power up valk multiple times to get max souls it takes quite awhile. Of course I don’t run a transforming loop team that could speed itup.


You defiantly want a loop on your farm team. If you’re just running her because she’s a great troop, then don’t worry too much about multiple castings. If you’re looking to farm souls, go check out the soul farming thread for tons of loop teams.