Arena reward modification

I am… was… a fan of Arena. I enjoy the challenge, the strategy, the level playing field, and the die twice and your done cap. I love everything about it, however I never seem to play it anymore.

Since 2.0, I have found that PVP is just a much better to get reward for my time. This is important to me as an active member of a guild and somebody trying to catch those elusive cards that still elude me.

When I look at the Arena reward screen a thought crossed my mind, if I was awarded each reward as I met the requirements, a la, Tier rewards, Arena would become a viable means of play again.

I’m sure the rewards would need adjusting but consider the possibility??!!

Thoughts, opinions?? :wink:

Bring it!


Well, Arena still gives decent Soul reward.
However, since I started using the Valkyrie/Queen Mab combo in my regular invade teams, that extra soul yield difference simply stopped being attractive enough for me, especially when I can also get so much more gold from PvP invades.

So more Gold as arena reward would definitely be a plus.
Also a lil more trophies. That would make Arena swell again.

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