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New Empowered Arena

I know there have been plenty of arena topics but I thought I would make my own organized(ish) idea of how to make the arena valid again.

Rewards levles for wins.
0 Wins 100 gold 0 Souls 0 trophies 0 gem keys 0 Gems 0 Diamonds 0 Traitstones
1 Wins 250 gold 50 souls 2 trophies 0 gem keys 0 Gems 0 Diamonds 1 Minor Traitstone
2 Wins 500 gold 100 souls 4 trophies 1 gem keys 0 Gems 0 Diamonds 2 Minor Traitstone
3 Wins 1000 gold 200 souls 6 trophies 1 gem keys 0 Gems 0 Diamonds 1 Major Traitstone
4 Wins 1500 gold 350 souls 10 trophies 2 gem keys 0 Gems 0 Diamonds 2 Major Traitstone
5 Wins 2000 gold 500 souls 15 trophies 2 gem keys 0 Gems 0 Diamonds 3 Major Traitstone
6 Wins 2500 gold 700 souls 20 trophies 3 gem keys 0 Gems 0 Diamonds 1 Runic Traitstone
7 Wins 3000 gold 900 souls 25 trophies 4 gem keys 1 gem 5 Diamonds 1 Arcane Traitstone
8 Wins 4000 gold 1200 souls 30 trophies 5 gem keys 5 Gems 10 Diamonds 2 Arcane Traitstone or 1 Celestrial Traitsone

Make it so the weekly events do not affect troops in the arena.

Other possibilities

  • allow kingdom bonus, guild bonuses
  • allow you pick a banner.

If anybody has any other ideas or some refinement of the rewards.

As will all other suggestions about ways to get diamonds flowing into the economy, I have to object only because putting such a high value, time capped, hard bottleneck resource in only one repeatable source will overcentralize gameplay and induce extreme burnout, especially if people don’t happen to inherently enjoy the mode. In other words, even putting 10 diamonds in there for a potential half hour slog would make this mode the best use of my time to the exclusion of other modes (beyond about 40 PvP battles/week), and running it hundreds of times when I don’t particularly like arena (and I would, and so would others) would just cause me to just hate the game.


I figured that would be a problem but I felt the arena should have some good rewards and they were mostly there for a possibility.

if they put diamonds in even maps id play them! xD

I assume based on their implementation that they want us to buy gems in the store in order to convert them into diamonds.

Store purchases fund their company. Arena, not so much.

Is there a way to buy diamonds in the store? The only place I can think of is a small purchase in the dungeon. But that comes with other stuff.