Arena statistics gathering


So some people are bumbed out by the area awards being "nerfed so i wish to gather info on what everyone is getting from the arena for their 1000 gold. Please post below all rewards from battles in the arena and also include your match winnings as well. I got 1 trait stone and 2 keys from battles andthe arena winnings not including gold and souls from the battles themselves


I did my first arena after the patch last night and got 7 wins with 1400 gold and 2 keys. I think they were gold keys but I don’t remember now. Will be doing more arenas today though. May post again.


please remember to include souls as well


Sorry. 150 souls.


Well there was a time when arena was your best source for souls. Nowadays fighting in arena is pointless. You are much better off fighting 8 times PVP. Will get more gold and glory that way. You only get 3 gold keys now and thats a pretty pathetic rewards in terms of keys from arena. And souls reward has been nerfed too so I really dont see a point in fighting in arena nowadays. Its consumes too much time for the rather underwhelming rewards.


It’s actually 3 glory keys, the rewards still feel a bit on the low side now though. Maybe if the fights also were to reward guaranteed trait stones? First four wins a minor trait stone each, fifth and sixth win a major trait stone each, seventh win a runic trait stone, eighth win an arcane trait stone? This would replace the random trait stone we get for about every other fight, so it shouldn’t be that much of a boost.