Bring Epic Arena Back!

Ok. I’ve been playing about 2 years, and I remember when we did Epic Arena a few times. The only major difference between normal and epic arena is that you bumped up a grade in choosing. Instead of Common/Rare/Ultra-Rare, you got Rare/Ultra-Rare/Epic with your hero. It was a nice change.

What I’m suggesting is to bring back Epic Arena, with a few twists.

First, make it Separate from normal arena.

Second, change the rewards slightly… I leave that to the devs, my suggestion is to up gold/keys a little, drop trophies/souls a touch (8 wins still 24/25 trophies though…) Maybe even make an 8 win run Gem keys instead of Glory keys. From the 7th to the 8th win, the key Number doesn’t change, but the type does from Glory to Gem…giving lower/middle levels a bigger incentive to try it out…

Third, No HERO. make it random selection of 3 from Common, Rare, Ultra-Rare, Epic. Then, also make it so that each creature chosen is at their max level (Common=15, Rare=16, you get the idea). This will make it more random, and more appealing to some of the lower/middle level players. Maybe get to use troops you don’t have or don’t normally use, for a bit of a gold/key boost. That way you as a level 50-100 don’t end up facing off against a level 200-300, or even a 500.

Thoughts? Comments? I’ll just leave this idea here… :slight_smile:


Maybe make it so we have to earn entrance into Epic Arena.
Some conditions must be satisfied first.
X runs of full Arena first? Gem cost to open? etc.

I think the trophies should stay the same, but I do agree that the keys should be upped, and maby add on some of the Traits to make it more interesting

Make gold 75% of what you would get from playing PvP, or even 50%. I could spend more time playing arena/epic arena that way. I find arena more fun then PvP.


I agree with Epic and Legendary arena:

I have some fine solutions to how to generate it:

Solution with Epic Arena:
First troop choice: No common rarity troops in Epic Arena, 3 Rare troops to choose from.
2nd troop choice: All 3 troops is Ultra rare.
3rd troop choice: All 3 troops is Epic.
(Can’t buy Epic troops for gems after the battles.)

Solution with Legendary Arena:
First troop choice: No common or rare rarity troops in Legendary Arena, 3 Ultra-Rare troops.
2nd troop choice: All 3 troops is Epic.
3rd troop choice: All 3 troops is Legendary.
(Can’t buy Epic or Legendary troops for gems after the battles.)