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Pvp gold rewards decreasing

I’ve been playing a ton this week and the past two days my gold rewards are much weaker than usual. I usually get 600ish first spot, 1200-1500 2nd spot and 2k+ 3rd spot. Now it’s 600’s 1st, 600’s 2nd. I rarely ever get that 1100-1500 middle spot anymore. And that 3rd spot is still big but very hard for me to beat most of the time. Playing too much or something?

Of course they are. All they do is take, sometimes they tell us, sometimes they don’t. It’s not in your head.


Check your armor and make sure you didn’t switch it.

I’m talking about the pvp screen where I pick my opponent. Not after the match.

Did you join a better guild?


Have not noticed any change.
Is your defense team weaker?

Welcome to mid-game!
You’ve got all your kingdoms to level 10, and are starting to field fully traited teams. Notice the pvp team value before you fight? The higher YOUR pvp team value is, the LESS gold you get per battle.
Technically it’s the ratio of your pvp team score to the opponent, but as yours increases gold goes down.

And when you reach end game, you’ll only get about 1100 MAXIMUM for a 3 trophy fight.

All gold values don’t include armor or vip, it’s gold displayed before battle begins.

Oh and I’ll tell ya a secret, some people leave kingdom at level 9 and don’t trait troops unnecessarily so they keep the large pvp gold amounts.


Like UK said lots of variables to why it goes down. Guild level goes up, your level goes up (and through kingdoms, traitstones etc),
The only way to fight it is with your wallet sadly for the most part unless you want to join a guild that is ranked very low and doesn’t finish it’s tasks etc.
I use DK armor, Ring of Wonder etc to keep PvP gold at an ok level but even with all that I make about 1k to 1.5k less than I did a few months ago due to guild levelling up and the other factors :frowning:

Well thanks. My wallet is closed so I’ll just get used to it.

It’s not all bad. The hourly loot should be getting good for you, 5 or 6 kingdom tributes with a few gems. At end game I’m getting thousands of gold, several gems, and a hundred or so glory an hour.