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PVP matches and gold amounts

Can anyone help me understand how the gold for pvp matches are calculated? My three trophy matches are against fully traited 8000+ teams and they rarely go over 1000 gold. Some people are getting close to 2 k for the same matches…

My understanding is that its based on the amount of gold the player you’re Invading has, so if he/she hasn’t collected in a while, their gold amount will be fairly large.

I never seen anyone has base gold rewards above 1600. .

perhaps you should check a vip and armor bonus, it modify the gold gained, i think average ranked pvp revard goes soemwhere between 700-1700(i dont remm the upper borderline) and then it is multiplied by the gold bonus (excluding difficulty bonus coz that doesnt work in pvp)

to give you base idea lets take dragon armor (+100% gold) and no vip bonus:
for a pvp that states to give you 900 gold if you attack and win it - you should get 1800 gold with dragon armor, while enemy stating 1500 gold will give 3000 with dragon armor.

I am talking strictly base gold before any bonus.

Nobody gets 2k base.

yes but perhaps the “Some people” did not thus the missunderstanding

Yes some people get 2k base. I’ve seen many pictures from guild members.

Can you please share that picture with us?

What level are they? What level are you? What are the power ratings of your respective teams?

Base gold award seems to be based on power differential. If you’re using a team at 8250 and the bulk of your opponents are 8250, you’re going too see 800-900 base.

Most of my guild mates are half my level or less. They get about double the gold per match that I do.

Yeah, I’d appreciate more insight into this as well, and maybe some server-side adjustments to the formula. I have a high-level and a low-level account, and I’ve been seeing the same drastic difference in gold-value-for-my-time for months now. Here are some numbers that I posted a few weeks back:

I’m at lv 957 and 144 now, and the base gold for 3 trophy ranked PvP is still mostly less than 900 on my high level account, and mostly 1300-1600 on my low level account.

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That is the strangest thing. You would think it would be the opposite…

Wow in tens of thousands of games I fought, I never had an option above 1500. .


@daveis23 could i ask what is that player level and what was his/her defense team score and invade team score (from the screen shot)?

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I can answer part of that. The average teamscore of the team used for invading must’ve been roughly 6200-6300.
I started getting highend teams as third target when my own teamscore was still in the 7500s and it was consistent that I’d get the high base golds whenever I’d go for an opponent with a significantly higher teamscore. Now that I’ve started five-starring several of my kingdoms, my own teamscore is more like 8200/8300 and I don’t see those high basegolds anymore. Ofcourse there’s no way to have a teamscore higher than 8500ish and thus there is no such high gap anymore.

Note that a team with a teamscore of 6200 trying to defeat a team of 8200 might win (if set up controllish) but will definitely notice the opponent’s stats in general to be significantly higher and so the fight will almost certainly take more time.

“Solution”: Switch to a lower teamscore’d invade team and give it a couple of matches to recognize that.
Problem: In endgame, most of the teamscore is actually determined by kingdom stats, and those are troop independent. So you’ll find you have a problem getting your teamscore down on purpose.

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i can get my team score down to 4,5k with 2x mythic traited and 2x lv1 and still win quite a lot but it doesnt seem like it helps with gold at all (still researching)

i ask about that player team score for more precise info. your guess could be correct but also could be not? what if he is 5k? also i think most probably his level will tell us more

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Same here, never seen above 1.5k, and 1.4k is super rare.


I’m level 1100 now and I rarely see above 1200 anymore. 1000 even is something I jump on because it’s kind of rare. Most of my matches are 800-900 now.

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