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PvP Difficulty Settings

Does difficulty greatly effect PvP? I have seen multiple people it doesn’t change monster stats but give more gold and souls. I fight on Warlord II and every enemy I face has between 35-55 combined armor and health, I am only asking because you can’t really find any clarification of this anywhere.

The info in the difficulty screen is pretty clear. Compared to Normal, the Hard difficulty does not change enemy troop stats, while any of the Warlord difficulties change enemy stats by the percentage indicated.

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Difficulty settings will affect everything except treasure hunt, so storyline, challenges, arena, and PvP all get affected. Warlord II should give a 50% boost to enemy stats - that is, they are 150% of normal. They will not show up as green “buffed” stats because they are considered inherent.

If you have any other questions, feel free to stop over at the QnA thread in community guides (QnA thread can be found here) :wink: We made that thread to be a place to ask questions like this that you can’t find an answer for!

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Thank you I’ve been in an argument with one of my guild mates, I’ve read the patch notes and it specifically says (pvp and arena) but they always say you can’t argue with a woman they always win

Follow up question, if you start the pvp week with say the hard difficulty settings, does it stay the same if you go up in pvp only? So example I started day one on hard and realized it was to low I go up to warlord will the stats be affected per battle or is it a weekly thing

Difficulty setting changes go into effect immediately. So you play for two days on warlord II, then think man, this is too difficult! So you go back and change the setting to hard. When you go back to play PvP, the new difficulty setting will show up, meaning that the enemies’ stats will be normal but the combo breaker is off.

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Although there is one thing not immediate about difficulty change - on main PvP screen you see lowest difficulty used in a given week. My guess is it affects the week reward (when ranks reset on Monday). Can anyone confirm or deny that?

Yes, the reward depends on the lowest difficulty used during the week.

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How much better rewards do we get if we play on hard or warlord1 during the whole week?

It works like the rewards you get after a fight. You can see the coefficients for gold and souls on the main screen under your level.


Thanks for the response, Mitheithel. That helps a lot, when two game sections say something different.

You might wanna delete/change that info line, when you enter the PvP-Section - where it still says, it wouldn’t be affected
by the difficulty setting, that it would only get harder the better your pvp ranking becomes.

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Well, it was supposed to work that way (i.e. difficulty not affecting PvP) since 1.0.9 was introduced - but because of some bug it doesn’t. So they won’t fix the text, they’ll make it work as it intended.

Huh? I thought it does work during PvP and it’s working as intended as of 1.0.9 - you can no longer select Difficulty and it starts off as Normal and increases to Hard around PvP 8 (? can’t remember when Sirrian said it changes).

Don’t know why Tsonek is replying to a thread/post 2 months later, before the 1.0.9 update and the info is outdated…

For me on the ps4 i don’t get to choose difficulty for pvp. I may have my difficulty set to warlord 3 on non pvp battle, but it doesn’t seem to effect pvp stats or anything as far as i know. I wonder if this a bug but also wonder if pvp actually isn’t effected by difficulty. If anyone could confirm this for sure that would be great. Multiple confirmations would be better for me.

I feel like I’m seeing a lot of answers that kind of contradict each other

so if i use normal at all during the week with all battles pvp and non pvp i will get a lesser reward?

see I’m not seeing the lowest difficulty used on my pvp screen so it leaves me a bit muddled…bug maybe?

OK thanks for the feedback! I will check this when i get a chance and hopefully it coincides with what your saying.

I see what your saying with the coefficients. Is there anything on this game on the ps4 that will actually show you the lowest difficulty used like they do in the arena?

I see what your saying with the coefficients. Is there anything on this game on the ps4 that will actually show you the lowest difficulty used like they do in the arena? Just trying to see if it is a bug or not since i don’t see lowest difficulty used in pvp screens at all…