Glory according to difficulty

For the moment, we gain 3 glory for each invade. This reward is the same for each difficulty and my request will be to add a bonus depending of the difficulty (like the existing ones for gold, soul, exp).
It’s a little bit unfair for the ones playing in Warlord 2+ if we talk about glory farming only.

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As I’ve been saying the entire time, we shouldn’t really be considering Warlord difficulty levels fair. They’re totally out of proportion. We know that.

That being said, even if they got the same increased scaling as on Gold/Exp (i.e. not quite right and not multiplying with armor), that would be nice. Rather have something slightly better than that though.


Yes I agree. And this request is not another topic about the low reward provided with difficulty.

I just think it may be normal that glory has a bonus like gold and soul. Since patch 1.0.8, glory became more a resource than before: we can buy chests now for example.