Arena warlord difficulties


Hey guys I would like to know what is the point to play warlord 1,2,3 or 4 in arena ? It takes way longer then normal or hard & the scaling of the reward is simply not worth the TIME IMO.

The stats are OP and there is nothing I can do to boost my stats on my hero, basically do I play 3-4-5-6 times longer then normal/hard just to get 100% more souls ? It doesn’t make any sense time wise to play those difficulties.


I believe they were going to remove difficulty from it, but never got around to it. I just set it to hard for the extra 25% souls.


I never got it either. And I believe it was never actually played by anyone but much more for the then existing exploit of increased rewards.

‘Hard’ does increase the enemy stats by 10%, so that’s doable in arena.

Afair ‘Hard’ didnt increase stats in 1.9, but only deactivated combo breaker. Not 100% certain here though.


Yes I like hard mode, it’s doable.

I’m thinking maybe set a Max cap for armor/life/attack on your hero for arena depending on your hero level…

Like give 75% of your current hero stats, if your hero is simply OP then it just receives the max cap stat so its not to OP that way but you could have a chance winning warlord difficulty.

Might need to pimp as well the common, rare & ultra - rare that we picked depending on the difficulty chosen.