Arena (Difficulty out of balance)


If you pick any level of hardness besides the normal or hard, it is basically impossible to win. The troops you are fighting go up in lvl significantly, yet the team you are using to battle them all remain low lvl with no traits opened. Even if in your regular deck you have them all mythic with all traits unlocked.

Is this just a bug? I would think my troops that I have unlocked would have their features functional. Otherwise how would you ever beat another team with everything maxed using basic lvl cards?

Before the change from about a year ago, it never used to be this way. You could beat IV hardness. Now even II seems impossible. (and I’m a lvl 1100+ player)

What am I missing here?

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The point of Arena is that you get a limited selection of troops, all at level 15 with no traits. The troops you draw from don’t come from your deck so even a brand new player has an equal chance (aside from not having many weapons to choose from and slightly lower hero stats).

I’ve never really bothered with higher difficulty settings, but my understanding that anything above Warlord 1 was always suicide. I’ve never heard of anyone finishing a run at W4.


Tacet did a WL4 run with DB and an all yellow team before they nerfed it. Not sure if it would still be possible - I wouldn’t waste me time even trying it - I have done Arena on Warlord 1 and 2 many times though before I realized it doesn’t make any sense - leave it on normal and you do more in an hour and get more rewards overall :slight_smile:
Here is the video (super long I don’t know when he starts his Warlord Arena WL4 run but it is in there somewhere)


I hear ya. That’s what I’ve experienced. Though why make lvl’s II-IV virtualy unplayable. They should tweek this feature a bit so it’s at least an option. I’d love to see if anyone else has ever completed a Lvl IV (or even III) run in it’s current configuration. Especially with random players to choose from as your picks. As you guys said, near impossible.

Seems like the designers are leaving something at the table if it stays this way.