Difficulty Settings

Hey all,

So I know that upping the difficulty will result in higher bonuses, but when is the ideal time to raise it and what would that raise be based on?


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Your question is a little open-ended. What mode are you playing and what are your goals? Example: If you’re playing Explore and your goal is to get the most traitstones in the least amount of time then the answer to your question would be only raise the difficulty up enough that you are able to beat the match in the minimal amount of time. If, on the other hand your goal is to maximize Soul, XP and gold gain, then increase the difficulty up to a max of Warlord 2 or 3 (assuming you can still easily beat teams at that difficulty).

Give us a little more info and we can give you a much better answer. :slight_smile:

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Check out the discussion around 2:40 :


Actually, I think that helped me more than you think. Thanks guys.