Difficulty setting bug

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?

I played on Warlord1, got soul rewards cap only to 60, when it should be 80. Also after the game it says: “lowest difficulty setting used Hard”. However the settings in the Hero Menu is not changed - it remains Warlord1 there. This happens randomly 3-4 times for me now the latest 24 hours.

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Lowest difficulty setting says Hard, after the match on Warlord1, only got 60 souls, when I should get 80, also.

The lowest difficulty used is the lowest difficulty used during the whole week.

The lowest difficulty used, would be normal in this case. Since that is the Lowest Difficulty I have used in the week. Its a bug. I only got 60 souls by using Valk twice on Warlord1 as well, with KoS in the team and Dragon armour, it havent happened once, but 3-4 times now.