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Warlord V Difficulty

Due to new kingdoms keep coming in (with a new one likely a few weeks away), they also come with kingdom’s stat bonus, 2 from max level and 5 stars, one more if 10 stars become possible this year. That make players’ troop cards keep getting stronger, which also mean an alibity to take on more challenging difficulty as well.

It’s been a while since Warlord IV is added. The next difficulty level would be implement eventually. I didn’t think extra exp/gold/soul won’t affect the economy much as this point.

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Also, before you implement that, please fix the beneficial bug in Dungeon/Raid/Invasion/Bounty.

Those 4 modes are static in difficultly, as enemies’ stats can’t be adjucted by players. Yet somehow, the reward amount can be tricked to gain higher reward from Warlord IV without actually fighting harder battles. Might actually been this way since Dungeon is introduced, but highlighted when 3 more modes are affected by it.

The way to make it work, is to start playing explore/challenge in Warlord IV. Win it, then go straight to play one of those 4 modes. The result will be exactly like you play explore/challenge on Warlord IV. Especially on early Raid/Invasion, where you could pick necromancy/soul-generating troop, the result can be quiet unfair. This is an example.


PS. I know Raid/Invasion need major buff in reward, but that’s the separate issue. This kind of extra reward gain is not intended to be here at all.

Yes, please devs drop everything you’re doing like fixing dawnbringer in arena, and fix this minor thing immediately. Oh, and make sure you break something while doing it.


i agree. i refuse to spend any money at all in this game until this bug is fixed. it destroy the economy. this is number one priority. save the precious #gemvalue.