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Omg check this out! Explore mode

This is Explore @ Warlord IV… It needs a massive buff, period.

Looks balanced to me. :wink:


Yuuuuppp! Lol

Are you saying it’s too easy?

Looks like a humble-brag to me. Warlord IV is fine.

I’m saying they need to massively pimp difficulties rewards… Hmm let’s see here:

PvP opponent #3 about 20 TIMES easier then Warlord IV explore and reward is 2-5k gold, 3 trophies + random traitstone


Explore Warlord IV , 689 gold + 12 souls + minor traitstone (same % chance then normal difficulty to get arcane, etc)

Seriously ? You want this game to JUST BE PVP.

PVP till ur bored or GTFO and find a new game basically

When is the last time you played Warlord IV ? Yeah that’s what I thought…

Somepony’s a neighsayer :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sorry, what? You are claiming it’s too easy, right? How does what I play at (and honestly you have no idea what I play at) have any relevance on the discussion?

You play at a higher difficulty if you want a challenge. Rewards are not always commensurate with effort.


Nooooooo I’m claiming the rewards is crap and the fight is wayyyy harder then PVP… The game is NOT balanced it’s forcing you to play PVP all day and that’s it.

Every game is a grind so having 1 thing worth doing and 100 things not worth doing in a game due to the reward is not healthy for a game at all.

I’ve played many games that you can pick what you want to do and they’re all worth it, this game is just starting to become boring AF. It’s all about PPPPVVVVPPPP.

Something is very wrong with a game if your super bored after 2-3 months of playing… I’ve played games in the past 2-3 years and I wasn’t as bored as this game.

  • Why bother with explore, I can just buy the arcane with 300-400 wings package
  • Why bother with Arena, I can just use valk in PvP for souls.
  • Why bother with Treasure Maps, I can just do PvP w/ valk & buy 300-400 wings package to get whatever I need.
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Way too much negativity here. Why are you playing GoW if it is as bad as you are saying, at first place?


I might be off the mark here, but if you’re bored playing in PvP mode…play a different mode. There’s no reason to constantly do the “optimal” path if that path is burning you out. If it takes you longer to progress, then so what? At least you won’t hate the game when you’re “finished.”

That being said, I wouldn’t mind a bump to the payout multipliers for difficulty.


They are much more likely to >cut< the payouts for lower difficulties if people keep whining about it.

Just by looking at your screenshots the rewards do seem to be very low. Are they justifiably offset in anyway due to the improved traitstone chances in that mode?

I’m saying there is no challenge in the game when your invades just dominates any PvP match you pick except random RNG that u just retreat cuz ITS ALL ABOUT WHO INVADES MORE and **** the rest and the only thing to do in the game is PvP because it gives you the best gold, souls, trophies and the possibility of arcane, runic, keys in terms of time/reward.

And of course buy 300-400 wings pack to get ur arcanes.

The only difficulty worth it for explore is normal mode and if you can get 30 secs clear or less , if not then forget it.

They are using the celestial + arcane to justify giving a crap gold/soul reward.

There becomes a point in the game where you got all your monsters that satisfies you and there is no need to trait other ones because you want to farm more gold for your guild as your short & long term goal. With that being said you just wait 1-4 weeks to get the arcane via wing packs.

They need to come up with something else that can compete with PvP in terms of something worth more then doing PvP but still PvP being the #1 thing to do in the game.

Either a mega boss (with a timer restriction so you can’t just keep doing the mega boss all day) that gives a reward that PvP cannot compete, that is massive trophies & guild ranking rewards or something else…

Not everyone wants to wait for the random week to get their arcanes. I want to trait behemoth, and I’m most certainly not going to wait for the week needed to trait him. Also, I want to get my magic kingdoms to 5 star, and it’s going to take considerably longer if I only PvP. PvP is the main option right now because people can make teams that can win sometimes, and the troops aren’t just insanely strong.

Also, if you’ve ever played a real MMO, pretty much all of them only have 2 things to do at end game, raid or PvP, and really it’s raid until you’re strong enough to PvP.

I don’t speak for the devs, of course. But, I have always assumed that they make PVP the focus of the best rewards because you need to make troops as strong as possible to compete well in it. Therefore, you are encouraged to level kingdoms to 10 and 5 star kingdoms. To do all that, you will have to invest souls, stones and gold. It keeps the player actively involved in all aspects of the economy. (This also leads to some real money sales from bundles, etc.)

However, the devs don’t “force” you to do anything. I play PVP every day for the gold. It’s my least favorite game mode. But, it’s a means to an end. I play treasure map just for the love of it. But, I do get 20-30 glory and 5 stones on average per map. So, it does get me some resources I want. Likewise, I know of people that only play Arena because they only like that game mode. I’ll surely play the hell out of explore mode when I need 1 or 3 arcanes/runics for a specific troop.

There are various modes for various tastes. However, it is clear to me that PVP is the main game. Therefore, it will be the “optimal” path to getting various resources in the game. Everything else is bonus.


Perfectly said @Ashasekayi