Level requirement for Warlords 1 to 4 should be the same

I’ll make this into its own post as I think it keeps getting swamped by all the other issues cropping up.
I am a lvl 140 player and have invested in a team that could handle challenges on Warlord IV, which is where my (current) soul-grind is taking place. Now that 1.0.9 has introduced level requirements for the different difficulties, my soul grind is forcefully replaced by a level grind - almost certainly not the intention.
I cannot imagine there’ll be that much difference between level 100 and anything higher, just more (ie different) teams fully setup. But at 100 you can easily have gotten one or a few legendaries and built one or two teams that are strong enough to do Warlord IV on.


Agreed. By level 100 folks are informed and committed enough that it shouldn’t matter. It seems like an “early game” problem was fixed with an overly-broad adjustment.

@Sirrian, @Nimhain: Any response to this issue?

We’ve been reviewing the feedback from players, and also been reviewing data from 1.0.8.

We’re going to drop the requirements to 50,75,100,125,150 instead of 50,100,150,200,250
That will be going live in a couple of hours

Although the good folks on this forum are certainly well-enough informed to make good decisions about what difficulty to play on, we DO need to protect some of our more casual players, because we have previously noticed a pattern where some players turn it up all the way, get discouraged and leave. I think 25-level increments might be sufficient to give them enough time to experiment, incrementally, while allowing existing players access to the difficulties they want.

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Requiring level 150 for the max difficulty is reasonable, those 10 levels I’ll get doing the new quests and stuff :wink:

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