Dissapointed with the new limit of Souls

Always played on Warlord II because he give me 100 souls per battle with Valk, now see this limit decreases to 70 per battle, every week put new troops and this limit does not make sense because of more than 180 troops it has in the game each with more than 4k souls
for example, to put 4 cards 18 level is 250 battles on Warlord II

On the upside, you can get a bunch of bonus souls from the new tier rewards and (at least for me) there are a lot more revenge battles, which also give some souls every five battles.
At the start of the new week you also get a few souls from the ranked rewards (but admittedly they are only worth mentioning if you get to the top 500 or so).

In combination with the fact, that you should be able to finish the battles a little quicker than on warlord 2, I think you are not making (much) less souls than before the patch.
You could play casual mode, where difficulty bonuses still apply, or throw in some challenges every now and then, if you think you do.

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The soul limit is poor when i think that i use to get 70 souls a game. Now it is 60. Not a big issue but i hope they make comment of it.

You can still farm souls from challenges playing on Warlord II difficulty (or higher if you think your team is strong enough). Plus an 8-win arena run is good for 1000 souls, and rarely takes more than a half hour to play.

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Are you serious? A bunch? Weliton has to get to tier 9 before he earns back those missing 30 souls.

I am in the same boat, only I play on Warlord 1 and my loss is 20 souls per battle. I haven’t figured out how many battles it takes to get to tier 9, but it is looking like anyhow 10 battles for every 3 levels. That is 45 battles (or so) to get to tier 1, assuming it’s even right because I only got to tier 9 in the first week (I didn’t count, obviously.) That’s 1350 lost souls from battles. From the new tier rewards system we earn a whopping 565 souls for climbing the ladder to 1.

I haven’t figured out if the new system is a good deal yet or not. By good deal, what I mean is I want to earn the same rewards for the same number of battles. It’s looking like not only “NOT,” but “not even close.” However, everything is new, I understand bugs are still being worked out, and I haven’t played enough yet to get a feel for how the new system works.

But I’ll leave with this thought. Pre 2.0, it took 21 battles to achieve rank 1. Then you collected 16 glory per day for the rest of the week, and on Monday earned 10 glory keys, 100 more glory (116 total), 1000 gold (to which your bonus would be applied; 2500 for me) and about 100 souls (again, to which I think your bonus would be applied; I think it was 275 for me.) Do you get those same rewards from 21 wins in the current schema?


Just to be clear, soul cap was never raised or lower : you just don’t get to use difficulties in ranked PvP anymore, so you can forget your difficulty reward modifiers.
I foretold this was gonna be an issue back when they had planned to remove difficulty for 1.0.9, but wasn’t heard.

Well, you still benefit from difficulty modifiers in quests / challenges / unranked PvP.
I’ll agree that the cap needs to be raised though…


very strange, i lost 1 battle in the tier 8 and received 101 souls, after i won another battle and received 70 souls,

I was actually talking about it from this angle. My souls were at 70 per game in challenges and were i tested the soul issue was in challenges and unranked pvp. I can not check quests because i do them too fast and i did not do my tests in rank pvp. This is why i have an issue with the souls problem. I remember it being a base 50 souls. now add a 1.5 multiplier on that. It should be 75 souls at the end of all my games. I play 2 valks so that is either a 50% gain on all souls i made or 100% soul gain on souls i make. Valk helps hit the limit faster but does not raise it so my souls after casting valk 4 to 8 times in a game while running 2x serpents should not be a perfect 60 in those games post patch.

The base cap is 40 souls, has been for ages.

To be fair, you also don’t get the extra souls for increased difficulty in casual currently either. Since these enemies do have the increased stats, this is most likely a bug slated to be fixed after they get the important crashing/ghost troop stuff out of the way.

I thought they buffed it after the 1.7 patch.

I recall coming across that info as well (that difficulty would be '“fixed” in the new version.) I think we are actually debating two points in this thread. One is the loss of souls from before (@weliton 's point,) and the second is the overall loss of resources for the same amount of effort (mine. I also grumbled about the loss of souls in a previous thread, but finally figured it out.)

I realize that there are other ways to earn souls, but they are not new ways. Also, they detract from the ultimate goal, which for me was to get to Rank 1 to earn the glory and hefty event-ending reward. I would do those other things occasionally, but only after achieving rank 1. Now I have to grind more to get to the top with fewer rewards along the way. (I must point out that this is hypothetical, because I haven’t actually achieved rank 1 yet. But the effort I’ve put in so far has not felt very rewarding.)

Another beef–the top reward I’ve seen for any battle has been under 700 gold. Before, I wouldn’t even fight if the reward wasn’t over 1000. Why can’t I have one patsy troop, one that the computer thinks matches me, and one that is challenging?

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Glory wize, you get way more resource by grinding to tier 1, but you have to play more.

You get more glory per battle
You still get daily glory reward (should still be 16, but last week it was bugged, so I’ll only be able to confirm that tomorrow)
275 glory by tier rewards

For souls, you get more on your way to tier1 (thanks to tier rewards), but slightly less when farming above tier 1 (as long as you don’t reach high end reward for rank) because you can’t play on high difficulties anymore. But since most of us don’t aim for high PvP rank, we can as well play unranked, and get the same rewards as before.

Golds - you get less… For the same efforts, but more for the same time : matchmaking is faster and immediatly provides you with different people to choose from, so you can aim at the one you want.

Traitstones - unlike before, we always get a traitstone in each and every battle.

I don’t see how we are at a loss honsetly.


Because it takes more games to get those rewards.

To get those, and thus to be a minimum “competitive”, yeah, to get as much as before, no, not really.

Besides, the game is so much faster with how they changed the matchmaking, I finished my grinding to tier 1 1H before what I usually do !

“Faster” I haven’t noticed yet, but I will try to withhold further judgment until I have given it a little more time. It is still so new I know I haven’t given it a good faith effort, so in all honesty I don’t really know what it will be like. These have been my initial impressions.

Matchmaking is definitely faster : you used to have to wait for an opponent to be found, always seeing at least two ‘cards’ like “he smells bad”, “goblin abuser” and so on… Now, you don’t have to go through that and get 3 opponents to choose from. So that part is definitely faster.

As for the battles, that’s another thing, but let’s say that Queen Mab freezing everyone sure speed up thing when opponent turns aren’t 16 turns long, and she might be the reason why I was so ahead on my usual schedule !

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The increased glory rewards in ranked were enough for me to forgive the loss of souls (pre-patch, I played every single match in at least Hard or above), and once everything settled, I do believe the experience as a whole is markedly improved. There are always challenges to farm souls if you just want to maximize souls per game. Once the “casual PvP” reward metrics are fixed, this should provide an outlet for those who want to play PvP at a higher difficulty for the marginal resource gain just like pre-2.0 after they have reached tier 1. Prior to reaching tier 1, the rewards are pretty similar when the expanded tier rewards are considered, even if you are maxing souls every game with valk.

Hey folks,

We’re not aware of any decrease to the Soul cap for battles - we’ll investigate that today. If they HAVE decreased, it wasn’t intentional, or we would have listed it in the patch notes.


What should the soul cap be for each difficulty as this could be affecting our recollections of what it normally was.