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Warlord IV teams overpowered?

I tried playing a Warlord IV team and the stats of the team are really high, higher than I would get if my troops are fully leveled up.
Also, there was an Infernal King that had his magic attack do 42, much higher than possible for him on my team.
Is this a bug? Shouldn’t at this difficulty the troops be at highest level possible, not somehow way beyond that?

Warlord IV applies a 200 percent increase to allbopponent troop stats, so everything is triple whatever it would normally be for whatever challenge, quest or arena match that you are doing. You can see all the difficulty, gold, experienc and soul modifiers when you toggle the difficulty levels.

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Not a bug; the Warlord levels are all designed to give an increasing challenge as you increase their level. Warlord IV is just the highest currently. Personally I wish it went higher as IV is no longer a challenge for mid to high level players anymore.

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Alright, thanks for the replies.

Did not think about that.

As well, the Warlord IV Opponents are quite manageable if you build an appropriate deck to defeat the opponents of that particular Kingdom. :smiley:

They dont always use cards from the kingdom, ive seen plenty of draakulis in swords edge for instance.
Also warlord IV is quite a bs difficulty… requiring you to use niche gimmicks/meta to win. zz.