Warlord IV console discussion

Anyone else playing this difficulty? Anyone else have working strategies?

So, I used to love making teams pre-patch, but I feel like very few team combinations can make a dent in Warlord IV.

I mean, who doesn’t like getting shot by a Mystic Druid for 44 damage damage to 2 different troops? I’m having some success, but losing a troop via 1 shot because the AI picks up a random 3 match that drops a 3 match of skulls on me stings. I run exploders and feel that backfires even less than the random dumb luck the AI get.

Currently running:

Purple Banner

Sylvasi (blue to purple conversion without being a purple troop is really handy)
Bone Dragon

Nice thing is other than the first 2 traits on Herdmaster, I don’t feel obligated to trait the rest. I also have Celestasia, Shadow Dragon, Sylvasi, Bone Dragon, but it feels slower, therefore less safe and I’d also have to trait them. Anyone else have working teams?

The general consensus from the PC/Mobile crowd is that Warlord III & IV are not worth the extra effort for the rewards.

Most of the top players play on Warlord II

To elaborate on this, this is mainly for Soul farming purposes. (+75% Souls in Warlord II)

Most players keep to Normal or Hard when playing PvP, Arena, or when Traitstone farming.