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Video: Intense Warlord 2 Arena Run

Hello everyone! Today I play through Arena on the Warlord 2 difficulty. This was by far some of the most intense battles I have had for a while. Every single battle with the 50% bonus is essentially a 4 vs 6.


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Managed a perfect warlord 1 run while watching.

Oh the weapon was Pan’s Lute


Very nice! :slight_smile:

Wish I would have used my previous Warlord 1 perfect team for Warlord 2. xD

If I had like anything other than Northrender it would have done so much better and quicker.

Yea getting only support troops is really REALLY bad. and Lava elemental pretty much did everything, with lute keeping me alive.

From a while back. Only drafted once. :smiley:

Warlord 3 seems like it would be pretty tough. If I’m honest, Warlord 4 looks impossible.

I have yet to be lucky enough to find a Lava Elemental in draft, nor an egg or villager. :frowning:

Someone just posted a few days ago a screenshot on the Gems of War Club on Xbox a flawless Warlord IV victory. A surprising amount of non-fourm players in the club. If your on PC you can join via the Xbox app (you don’t need a console).

That’s pretty impressive. I wonder how long it took, though? :sweat_smile:

Also, quick question for console. Does it still work like this?

On PC when I’m on Warlord 4, the hero’s attack is 30. In the video, he is on console and on Warlord 4, but the hero attack is only 7.