First Ever Warlord 4 Arena Complete!


To my knowledge, this is the 1st ever Warlord 4 Arena completed in Gems of War history!

I stream Gems of War and do content for it daily on YouTube @ Tacet the Terror:




Youre the best, youre the beast! :wink:


Congrats @Tacet


Try that without Dawnbringer… Probably isn’t possible lol


@Tacet is a GANGSTA!


If they nerf Dawnbringer because of you, don’t sleep! Just kidding, Congratulations! :fireworks:


Do it without using Dawnbringer, while facing at least two Dawnbringer-wielding opponents. Then I’ll be impressed :wink:


Congratulations tacet, I watched your victory instead of doing my chores! Lol
Thanks for the trying my war team too.


Lol! Nerf chores!!!


We did get to 3 or 4 wins before with Mang + Skeleton. It is impossible to do that now though due to everyone using Dawnbringer.

Only counter to Dawnbringer is Dawnbringer.


Kudos @Tacet! :clap: :clap: :clap:

Glad to see a major contributor accomplish this first! :grin:


Hopefully the devs figure this out before Arena becomes a source of too much frustration for those of us who don’t have a Dawnbringer and/or won’t be able to craft one for a LONG time.


Congratulations :slight_smile: .

The rewards are so lame…


I thought that too. After completing a run on warlord 1 I decided to just stick to normal. With runic blade and the right team you can do a run on normal in ten minutes.


Thanks to the Dawnbringer,which makes things like this possible.


No. Any good weapon and good team will do the job… although probably not in Warlord IV.:stuck_out_tongue:
But seeing Dawnbringers again and again is not fun. At all.


I did it one week ago. The rewards weren’t worth it.