Version 3.0.5 Stream and Spoiler Video

Hello everyone! Friday and Saturday from 10 AM - 4 PM EST I will be streaming the upcoming 3.0.5 Unity version of Gems of War on my YouTube channel @ Tacet the Terror.

For any that can’t catch it, I have also done a video going over most of the changes that occurred as of this patch:


Thanks for the video.

What I missed on console, and has now disappeared on PC as well I see, is the total gold in the top left corner on the pvp battle screen.

I hope this gets re-added…
Or if they can show your total gold on the screen after the battle… As often you are farming for a certain amount of gold or souls…

The only reason gold actually shows there is back in the day PvP, and all battles, cost gold to play. This was eventually removed about 1 year after release, but they never removed the gold being shown at these locations.


Ah, I always liked it, cause I set a goal like make 100k, and then I didn’t have to go back to the main screen to check. Guess it’ll just take some adjusting :slight_smile:

There is one other question I have, not sure you can check it, since you seem pretty well equiped (hehehe), but sorting on upgradable on console is a mess.

Cards that can be traited and ascended show first, then cards that can be traited, and then cards that can only be ascended.

So if you do your chest openings, and then go to ascend all your troops, they don’t all show at the top.
On PC, sorting on upgradable shows all ascendable cards first, at the top.

Also, if you sort on upgradable, and upgrade a card (like give it a trait or ascend it), the troop list stays on the troop you had selected.
Meaning that you have to scroll alllll the way back to the top to ascend your next troop.
I kinda worked around this on PS4 by toggling show all after every upgrade, as it would reset you to the top left troop.

Is there any of those things you could check?

I like very much the number of fights played by both guilds in GW.

In troop filter, I think that it could be useful to have the possibility to choose multiple colours

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And can you quit a match at any time now (like it is on console), or can you only quit when it’s your turn?

Yes, you can leave any time.

You can also check card stats at any time.


Have you gotten to preview, on the client, any of the “immune to mana drain troops” yet?

I figure not, or you would have showed them, but I’m interested to see how it functions against several of the different mana-modified troops, like Morloch, Spider Queen, Succubus., etc.

Enjoyed the video, thanks for showing off the new system @Tacet

On console (Unity) I have personally been requesting 2 filter slots with ‘Mana Color’ for a long time. Now that the PC is identical we will have more people request it, so that’s good as it might get implemented!

1st filter Red , 2nd filter Default. Gives all mono Red, Red/+, Red/+/+ (Red base Mythic)
1st filter Red , 2nd filter Red. Gives Mono Red
1st filter Red, 2nd filter Green. Gives all Red/Green, and Red/Green/+ (Base Mythic)