A question about the Arena

Hi there,

I love this game, I play on the PS4 and it’s great! Lots to do and I love that you are not forced to put money in.

I do have one question though. I’ve been enjoying the Arena and have been doing quite well. But my hero only ever gets to play the crude club (which, let’s be honest, is pretty useless!).

It’s not even the weapon assigned to my hero. Is there any way of changing the weapon?


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Yes wen you have your team complete, before you begin to fight select the hero and you can use a button down where it says weapon. Try to search for it. I don´t know really where could it be in console but when you select the hero sure.

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THANK YOU!! I must be as blind as a bat because now I’ve seen it I realise how plain to see it is!

Thanks very much for your help. :grin:


the upper triangle button on the left

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Has the Arena had an update in the last few days? Because I’ve noticed that the troops we are offered don’t seem as good now. I used to be able to complete an arena with at least 7 wins (sometimes all eight) and it was really good to do. I tried to do one last night and again today but noticed that the attack my troops had was significantly lower than my opponents and I lost both opening battles thereby losing the arena. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a whine or complaint, I’m just curious because it seems so different now.

I’ve also noticed I keep getting the same opponents being offered in PVP - is this new as well?

As for Arena, be sure that you’re setting is on Normal or what you want. Higher levels means your opponent will have higher stats, but not you.

I can’t explain why you keep facing the same opponents in PVP.

I see what you’re saying, but I’ve played at Warlord II setting for ages - this issue only seems to have started in the last couple of days and my settings haven’t changed.

Warlord II. Impressive! Then I have no idea why it would change now.

Check your Difficulty Setting?
Warlord settings will boost enemy troop stats in the arena.

As for fighting the same team. I think if you lose, your opponent team remains the same.

Yes I know what the difficulty setting does but as I said in an earlier post, I’ve been playing Warlord II for ages and this problem only occurred in the last couple of days. I have not changed any settings.

On Console back in October when you originally posted there was still a bug (or Feature) defending on your prospective that allowed the player to bring in his/her traits on troops. Making traiting fairly useless troops very viable in arena, and effective making Arena easier. Might be related, might not.

On console back in October when you first posted @Taylsa13, the boost from Hero Class magic levels was still operational. This provided a considerable advantage. At the time, the console devs posted notice to the effect that we should enjoy it while it lasted.

Arena has since been brought in line with the Mobile version. If you wish to complete all 8 rounds consistently and gain the 30 Seal bonus for doing so, my advice would be to play Arena on a difficulty no higher than “Hard”.

Even so, it’s been my impression this week that the opponents in Arena may be somewhat more aggressive? I find I’ve been losing more often recently on PC… even when things were apparently going well.

Hey @Taylsa13,

Yes, there were some bugs in the Arena which was causing the difficulty stat bonuses to not be applied to opponent troops. This would be why opponents would seem harder in Warlord 2.

We were spoiled rotten on console for ages when it came to arena.
I always played on warlord 4 because the opponents troops would still be on normal even though it rewarded warlord 4 benefits.

Now its been fixed so your opponent’s troops are warlord 4 if you choose warlord 4.

That explains it then. Thank you for all the replies, very helpful. :slight_smile: