A nasty suprise in arena

Gulp. A touch op for arena? A bit I think considering the life and armor of the cards I can draw from. This was on normal difficulty.
RNG hates me. Sigh

This has been raised before. I don’t play Arena but assume anyone who did would use that weapon, as it’s clearly broken there.


Agree and I am now using it myself. Don’t know how I missed it in the line up.


I noticed on my let’s play account that the Runic Blade is in a bundle for $50 for newer players on their 3rd week.


a little slow, if u play enough to care you could be past arena stage after 2 weeks xD

I was done with arena on my let’s play account in about 10 hours after the account was made, lol.

If arena is ran perfectly, it only takes around 8 arena runs to have a sufficient amount of souls for starting.

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At level 1000+ I’m looking forward to not needing souls lol. I turned my guild over to Angry Midget and will leave about reset. So I’ll grind a bit for them next week. Sometimes it’s nice taking a break from pvp. Using your soul grind video @Tacet for that, thanks!

I use the Arena ALOT on Warlord I. The rewards are great (3300 souls, 5 glory keys, 7000 gold) for 30-40min, depending on the grind of certain matches. I also enjoy the variety, especially for Hero weapons ( I will generally choose a weapon based on whatever mana colors I’m missing, to optimize/balance mana in the party.)
Runic Blade can be very problematic, I’ve seen anywhere from 13-16 dmg initially, which usually means a one shot kill on several of the arena troops.
No one ever said it was easy lol.

If it werent for the very low gold payout in arena I would had played it day and night…

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For me it’s the same argument as with Khorvash and Bone Dragon. The ONLY reason I play arena is for the complete random variety. Seeing Merchants in EVERY match defeats the purpose entirely.