Why are your troops so much stronger than mine?

I’m at Level 140 and I’ve been playing for a few months. I have maxed out my base teams and I’m always confused when I run into the same troops as mine that have higher attacks, higher armor and higher life.

I ran into a player in PVP whose Luther had 28 life and 50 armor. His spell was worth twice as much as mine.

What bonuses am I not seeing? Thanks.

Twice is alittle hard to explain but players could have their kingdoms maxed and have 5-stars this provides a tremendous stat boost

Oh, I didn’t realize that the Kingdoms had such an effect. I’ll have to look at that.

Another possibility is you’re playing on a harder difficulty by mistake.

See also:

Someone with all kingdoms at level 10 gets:
7 armor
8 life
3 attack
4 magic

Someone with all kingdoms at Power Level 5 gets:
14 armor
16 life
6 attack
8 magic

Luther at level 20 innately has 4 magic, so his ability is +5 attack. With kingdoms at 10 with two at PL5 that is +6 magic, making his ability give +10 attack.

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With an extra 3 if traited in the first spot

I thought PVP was unaffected by difficulty?

It’s supposed to be unaffected by difficulty, but unfortunately it is, due to a bug they’re fixing in 2.0 (I think).

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Yikes - well that probably explains it. I have been playing on Warlord III because I didn’t think it buffed the troops.

That would do it

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