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Super High Stats

So every once in awhile I run into someone whose troops have like 60 armor and 80 health each. How can you possibly even get those stats that high? I cannot fathom a single way. You don’t gain that stuff with your character level, Mythic level caps your troops stats, you can only get so many squad bonus’ and there are only so many kingdom bonus’. Those don’t add up to plus 40 shield and health. Can anyone explain this?

Bonus stuff from having mulitples from a kingdom. The current event bonuses and than of course you can have double and triple bonuses from kingdoms that are high enough. So you fought someone with all mythics…max kingdoms and stars.

Can you explain the double/triple bonuses from kingdoms? I’m not sure I understand how that works.

Thanks for the reply!

That article does not include or count the multipliers from events.

If you’re doing Explore on Warlord IV (which I don’t think you are) then things will be quite large, especially Legendaries or Mythics.

That answers everything! It was in PVP so the difficulty setting didn’t factor in. I must have faced someone who has every kingdom’s power to 5 stars and whose guild has all tasks at 12/12. Kudos to him for that! That’s so much time and work.

Thanks a lot!

Also, if I remember rightly, Guild bonuses may factor in there as well to some degree.


If you get all guild statue bonuses, you get: +2 magic, +3 attack, +8 life, +8 armor.

The Elemental/Giant bonus is a big part of it. My Jarl is at 60 armor, 93 life without team bonuses. I’ve seen all-giant teams with even more ridiculous stats.