How do other players have 2-3X health on the same troop at level 20? I checked guides

I played a metric ton of this game years ago (2016?) and just came back and I’m hero level like 1150ish.

Playing pvp has me really confused, some players with the same troops at level 20 have 2-3X as much health as mine. What am I doing wrong? I tried to check the wiki but I got confused immediately.

Kingdom level, kingdom power level, underworld stats


All of these, along with stat bonuses from maxed pets and guilds which get stat boosts from having all Guild Tasks done. The cumulative effect of all these bonuses really increases troop levels.

Welcome back, by the way.


it is easy to undervalue the stats you get from your guild…kingdom level…delves…They add up as you can see to be huge. 1 point here and there over 35 kingdoms and multiple levels of delves and of course your guild, add up.