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The Great Maw's stats

Can anyone help me figure this out? My Great Maw is at max level, but the stats are lower than other player’s Maws. It only has 15 attack and 31 health, while others have 18 attack and 41 health at max level. The Kingdom Drifting Sands is at max level as well. Is there something I’m missing here?

Health and attack for troops comes from:

  • Base stats (amount varies by troop)
  • Troop Levels (amount varies by troop)
  • Troop Ascension (amount varies by troop)
  • Health and Attack kingdoms at Kingdom Level 10 (from here; there are 8 Health and 3 Attack kingdoms)
  • Health and Attack kingdoms at Power Level 5 (changes the Kingdom Level 10 bonus to +2 instead of +1)

You probably need to 5* some kingdoms.



If you have an “attack” kingdom at 5 star power level then the bonus it gives will be doubled

This is true for all kingdom bonuses

It is also possible that the other maw had a team bonus that allowed it to be bigger (or via blessed as well)

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I don’t understand what is meant by an “attack” Kingdom?

Edit: Nvm. Got it.