Kingdom bonuses out of whack

I levelled Blighted Lands to 10, and got the +1 magic it provides. BUT, all of my other stat bonuses have disappeared! I have 21 kingdoms total at level 10, excluding Drifting Sands. Has anyone else seen this behavior?

What do you mean they have disappeared? Are they not highlighted in the kingdom screen? Or they’re not applying to your troops?

They’re not applying to the troops in my lineup. As an example, I have both an Alchemist and a Banshee ascended to Epic and level 18, and they only have attack = 11. They were 15 before.

its in the patchnodes:

level 16+ boni have been adjusted to creature specific stats.
caster get more defensive stats
skull dmg focussed creatures get more attack

that way the troops are different like:
my soothsayer has 15 attack but 50 combined defense
the shadow hunter has 20 attack but 40 defense

no bug, its supposed this way!

None of these changes are documented. At this point I don’t know what’s going on, but I fail to see any logic to justify my guys losing -4 attack with no defense increase to compensate. A troop is useless at higher levels if it only has +11 attack and the enemy is stacked with +22-25 guys, and I don’t care if my guy is a spellcaster.

Somewhere in the troop window you can access stats and it flashes base/levels/bonuses separately. So you can confirm if yours work or not.

Lot of stats on troops got changed or distributed stats differently on levels.

I can see the stats, of course… but they don’t tell me what has changed since before the patch! I have troops now gaining +3 life from ascension, and they’ve only ascended twice. At this point I’m going to wait until the wiki team works out exactly what the new stats are supposed to be, and documents them.

Also, I have four kingdoms levelled to 10 and giving me an attack bonus (used to be five, one was changed in the patch), but all of my troops are now showing only +3 attack from kingdoms.

Also, I think it’s counting a loss in the Arena as a win for the purpose of hero class progress, but that’s a separate bug.

Ascension stat gains have also been changed.
While previously it was +1 Life/Armor/Attack, it’s now able to be +2 Life & +1 Attack.

Two attack kingdoms were changed actually.

There’s now a total of 3 kingdoms that offer Attack.

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