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Troop Stats on Console differ from PC/Mobile

@Nex, @Mr.Strange

When I saw that the skills tab wasn’t adding up to the actual stats of the troop in question, that lead me to do some additional digging. 1 thing I found which was reported I say a month ago or so now was that the opponent troops (PvP and Challenges) had the Kingdom bonus added to their side so the enemy stats are all inflated.

The other issue I found was that the stats for a monster on console differed from the exact same leveled, ascended monster on the PC. I first noticed this with Celestasia where she ended up having 1 extra point of magic (from Ascension) than she would have received on the PC.

Looking at it again now, I noticed it on Soothsayer. I can try to get some pictures or video clip a little later, but the text version for now.

I have Soothsayer ascended to Epic on both PC and Console and to level 18 on both as well. Now, removing the kingdom bonuses (since those can be different), on PC Soothsayer’s stats are the following:

Attack: 8
Armor: 8
Magic: 0
Health: 27

The 2 levels of Ascension gave +1 Attack, +1 Armor, +4 Health (+2 Health each Ascension with the extra Attack and Armor coming from the 2nd Ascension only.)

On Console, Soothsayer’s stats are:

Attack: 9
Armor: 9
Magic: 0
Health: 25

The 2 levels of Ascension here gave +2 Attack, +2 Armor, and +2 Health (+1 each on each Ascension).

There are more troops than just these that I’m using, so I ask is this by design or just something else going on? This too has been like this since the 1.085 patch went live and still current as of today’s mini-update too.

As we’ve just pointed out elsewhere, something very weird happened over the past several hours.

Everything should be normal again now. Pay no attention to the main behind the curtain.

Hey there, I see the changes were undone and read what you said in the other thread.

What I’m pointing out here, was completely separate from anything that happened today. The Ascension bonuses don’t match between the PC/Mobile platform and the Console platform. Just looked at it now and the same difference is still there.

I know this isn’t the highest of priorities, but just wanted to point it out (same as the Skills listing not adding up right either). I can try to get pics and video and more examples when I have a little more free time.

Yeah - I believe that’s already fixed in the coming update. But thanks for giving clear feedback!


Great then. Now I can also free up disk space from some of the captures I had done.