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Ascension stats

Hello. When you ascend a troop on consoles you get +1 on all stats. Isnt that different on PC?

I believe it is exactly the same on all platforms. It is generally +1 to attack, health and armor, but sometimes it can be different. Ascension never increases magic. @Lyya’s troop list shows the stat increase for all troops with the level and ascension gains broken out and it is the same for both platforms.


If you toggle between the two versions (PC/Mobile and console), you’ll see there is no difference between them.

Im pretty sure I get+1 magic. Was paying attention to that. And if you look at Tacets video, theres a 20 atk valk with all 5 stars. Mine has 18 with 0 attk 5 stars. Just an examp

Are you including levelling up, or just the ascension mechanic? If you ascended an epic to legendary, the magic wouldn’t go up, but lots of troops would if you increased the level from 18 to 19.

Valk’s attack has nothing to do with magic. Attack can also be affected by team bonuses and kingdom levels.

Yes ascending… I looked at the magic before and after

No… I can get valk to 21 base attack with all 5 stars. on Pc its 20

Yes console is different. Shiratori told devs about it ages ago.

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Seriously? Do you know the specifics of what works differently?

We always get +1 on all stats per ascend Pc doesnt

Hmm. Sorry to argue then. I hadn’t been checking my actuals against the troop list, but there could be some significant differences. That could also result in some major changes if they ever ‘fix’ that.

No problem but my English isnt that good^^

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Now that I check the expected and actuals on a couple troops I use a lot, I see you have to be right. The only way to get there is if ascension is increasing magic by 1 each time. I learn something every day in here!

Yes but is it a bug or just a different mechanic?

The devs are always talking about how they are trying to bring the two versions into sync, so I can only assume that it is a bug. We’re always behind on console, but except for the daily tasks, everything is always moving towards the PC/mobile version.

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As long as we get 1 troop and they get 2, I dont think we will ever catch up^^

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The stats in the Gems of War Database are from the PC version, as I don’t have a Console World.json file to pull from. The Console version lags behind the PC version, so sometimes the stats will diverge.

I have a disclaimer up on every Console page that states that the numbers may be wrong for Console. This is the best I can do, unfortunately. :frowning:

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I was aware of some differences like dual-type troops and mana changes (Vampire Lord, for instance) that I need to keep in mind when I look at this stuff, but didn’t realize that there was a fundamentally different mechanic being applied at ascension. You’re doing the absolute best job possible with what you have available.

Yeah its been like that since April 1st. Troops are stronger on console

Didn’t troops used to be like this on PC, prior to 1.0.9? I know ascension gave the same skill points to every troop, and I thought it was +1 to Attack, Armor, and Health every rarity increase. I don’t believe it ever increased Magic, so if it does on console, that’s something different. Is console really that far behind, or did they just miss that change?