Is it worth it to ascend all your troops?


I ask because ascension of any troop contributes to kingdom level, so you could argue that you should ascend all your troops. Additionally, any troop could be buffed in the future so it could be useful.

But on the other hand, I’m not particularly rolling in souls and there’s a lot of troops I’d lke to level, so I could use the disenchanted souls.



I’m not completely sure about this but I don’t think ascension affects your kingdom power. The rarity class isn’t a factor. Just the actual level of the troop whether it be a common or a legendary.

Myself I ascend anything that I get enough copies of. A lot of them are still level 1 except for the kingdom troops that I am trying to boost for those specific power levels. Don’t disenchant anything.


What he said.

Its not the rarity of the troop but a troop’s level. Ascension helps indirectly by allowing access to the higher levels. I can almost guarantee you’ll regret disenchanting things right now.


I agree, I always ascend my troops.

But I’m pretty sure Ascension doesn’t affter you kingdom power, except that that troop’s level cap is raised by 1. What affects kingdom power is the number of unique troops you have, the number of traits those units have, and their total level.


The main question is whether you are playing a long game of GoW or not.

If you just want to level up a good team or two, play them until you’ve had the experience you’re looking for, and move on – then yes, DE anything you don’t plan to use for souls. (Keep one copy of each troop at least for the big boost in kingdom power it represents.)

If you’ll be here a while, never DE anything unless you have that troop at Mythic.