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Troops Skills tab does not show correct information

@Nex, @Mr.Strange

I seemed to pick the perfect time to post this seeing as the mini-update just went live. What I’m going to describe here existed before the update went live today (6/15) and was still there after the fact as well. (Also explained why things changed in the middle of writing everything down.)

When you level a troop above level 15, the stats that appear on the skills tab don’t match what the actual stats say when you look at where each stat comes from (Base, Level, Kingdom, and Ascension). Sometimes they add to something higher than the actual stat, sometimes they’re lower.

This occurs when a troop is raised to level 16 or higher. I enclosed a short clip of Sylvasi, showing how things add up at level 15 (all match), and how once he became level 16, they no longer were correct. It’s not unique to him either and if need be, I can put together a longer collection too. (This was filmed after the update went live, though it’s been like this since the initial 1.085 patch.)

I know this is a minor thing, but it also lead to another discovery that I’ll open a different bug report on as well.