Troops dropped to lvl 1?

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Several troops I have used on teams seem to have gone down to lv 1. Could someone check old cache against this? XSFX_1 I know I delay upgrades, but 111 troops worth? I’m not that addled. I know some were at least 15+.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Just noticed :frowning:

Steps to make it happen again

Hi Xsfx, you should specify your platform so @Kafka or @Cyrup could better help.

Android 4.3 with 4.3.5 game
Its not the code but the acct, so they have that. It might help only if platform is glitched. They are really fast sorting things out, I expect by Mondayish. The troops also have had traits removed, go figure.

Not this week. Check it out. There’s a public holiday on 10th of June.
You’ll have to wait for a few more days.

I was in explore, saw one of my “lvl 1” troops, Urskula, it shows in the loadup as lvl 16(as it should). In troops by lvl, it shows up as 1. Also shows up as lvl 1 in a team. Bug in lvl routine?
edit: Urskayan Blue shows 17 on loading, 1 in troops. will look for more.
Leshy shows lvl 15 loading, 19 in troops.
Urskatyr loads lvl 16, 19 in troops.
Urska Dragoon loads 17, troops 1
Urska Savage loads 17 troops 18
Visk loads 18, troops 19

It looks like on the loading screen it shows the troop max level at the base rarity. I think you mean the screen when the battle is loading? If so it doesn’t show which troops you own, but a random troop of that kingdom.