VIP-Level 4: New troop was lvl 5


What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
Finally got my first Sheggra! Surprisingly she was Level 5 even though I’m not VIP-Level 5.

What are the steps to make it happen again?
Be VIP-Level 4 and get a new troop, I guess?!


Sounds like a case of the age-old “Off-by-One” program bug!


You must be the same kid who kept reminding the teacher that there was a homework… Oh please, theres a bug thats giving us free stuff, fix it…

On a serious note though - Iam VIP level 4 and Ive got new troops at level 5 as well. (steam version)

But I doubt this will be fixable though, since most people, myself included, leveled those troops above 5 already, not to mention I have tons of troops on level 5 I leveled there myself when I was on VIP 3. So in order to fix that with backwards compatibility, the devs would have to pull up all the logs, for each troop you got from a chest determine if it was wrongly level 5 when it shouldnt have, downgrade that troop to level 1 and refund you any souls you spent leveling it past 5. As a programmer myself, I can tell you thats basically unfeasible without some ridiculous downtime or a rollback.


Or they just fix the fact that VIP 4 get the bonus and let you keep the error. =P
Most likely outcome considering they’ve done so before.

The staff here aren’t the types to revoke minor bugs that inflict no negative backlash. They let those who earned a bunch of extra keys via daily reset glitch use them, so this will be a similar case.


Nope, seems to happen for VIP 3 too. Let’s just agree it not a bug, the text needs to be adjusted. :gift:


Not for me! I’m VIP 3 and my new troops this week have all been level 1.