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About VIP level 5 (and further questions)

  1. Simple question: it says New Troops start at level 5. If I moved to VIP level 5 (I’m currently at 4), will my old troops that are under level 5 get raised to level 5? The text makes me think that they won’t, but that would be a really underwhelming prize for spending so much money in the game, so I’m reluctant to believe. I’m missing only 23 troops, and that would be like 3k-3.5k souls that I’d be saving (when/if I get all those troops, and ofc more souls from more troops to come in future updates).

  2. If I’m right, is there any chance that you might rethink this?

  3. Also, if I’m right, what happens if I disenchant the troops? When I get them again, will they be at level 5? What about ascensions? Do I lose all of the ascensions if I disenchant the last card I have of one given troop?

  1. No.

  2. Given most players already have most troops by the time they hit VIP 5 (I was missing 3 at the time, plus the new Kingdoms), I doubt this will change.

  3. You can’t disenchant your last troop.

Actually… you can :open_mouth:

What? You can now? You didn’t use to be able to.

Yeah, you’re probably right. That reward is probably the lamest, and I was looking forward to have it motivate me get to VIP level 5, but I guess I’ll stop at lv 4 now. There’s another for new troops starting at lv 10 when you’re VIP lv 8, and that sounds even more lame.[quote=“actreal, post:2, topic:4646”]
3) You can’t disenchant your last troop.
ctu1208 is right, I think. I haven’t tried that, but I saw that it was possible. Maybe you’re thinking about ascending the last card? That you cannot do.

I did it back before 1.08. It gave me a warning something like " This is your last troop of this type, are you sure you want to do this?" (not an exact quote), but it let me disenchant the troop.

Well, there you go. Happy to be corrected.

I don’t have any troops currently under level 5 that I’m prepared to disenchant all of in order to test whether they come back at Level 5/ascended/with or without traits.

It is possible that they would come back as level 5 given the game will almost certainly see them as a new troop (based on getting “New” traitstones in the chest opening report whenever I completely run out of a particular type).

If you disenchant a troop and then gain that troop again, they will be at the level you last had them at. So if they were Level 5 and you disenchanted, they will show up as Level 5 again. Likewise if you levelled them up to a higher Level (say 15) and disenchanted, when you gain them again you will gain them at Level 15.

Ascensions also remain the same, so they will be at the last rarity you disenchanted them at (eg. a disenchanted Mythic will come back as a Mythic when you gain them again).


Thanks for the confirmations, @Andrew, but @MakoSipper was also asking about another situation too: for example, if I disenchanted my level 1 Wyvern (which I got before becoming VIP 5) and then acquired a new Wyvern, would it be level 1 or level 5?

Yes, in that case it would also be Level 5. I just tested it here to be sure.


Related question: say I had a level 1 Glade Warden ascended to Mythic and I disenchanted the last one, when I collect it as a New! Troop it comes in at level 5 or 10 depending on the VIP level. Does it still have its Mythic ascension or do you have to start from the beginning common level?

@Emos: Andrew answered that above

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Is this a bug you’re planning on fixing, or will it remain this way? Not sure if I’d be willing to get rid of troops just for the boost, but I’d like to consider my options.

Or perhaps buff the VIP reward so it affects owned troops? I suspect most people have virtually all of the troops by the time they get to VIP 5 or 8.

I’m the bonehead who didn’t search the posts first. I needed green seer, and the green seer pack would bump me into VIP 5. It seemed worth it to get all my troops up to level 5, so I bought it. I discovered, as noted here, that nothing changed in my existing troops. I need about 4 epics and maybe 12 legendaries, so the odds of me making any good use out of VIP 5 are slim. Pouring salt in the wound, even the new green seer I purchased did not come in at level five.

I am pretty irked about the whole deal. The developers need to make the particulars of how VIP 5 works much more clear. Developers?

IronyMan: I fully agree with you. I thought once I got to VIP level 5, all my troops would automatically go to level 5, but only future new troops automatically go to level 5. This made me think how worthless this really is if you dont buy VIP level 5 until you have most of the troops anyways.

Although the 2 glory keys per day really helps, thanks for supporting a good game.

I also agree that this bonus sucks. You have to spend a lot of money, and for getting like 10-20 units to lv 5? This is only worth it if you go straight to VIP lv 5 as soon as you start playing, which you probably won’t, since you’ll wanna try it out.

But then again, all VIP bonus kinda suck, don’t they? At least they give you a permanent bonus that might make a difference in the long run. Being a VIP lv whatever sounds waaaaay better than it really is, so my advice would be to purchase only stuff that you want, never considering VIP bonuses.

I mostly disagree with you. At VIP 10 you get +100% Gold/Souls, +50% XP, +50% Gems for Gem purchases, 4 free Glory Keys per day, new troops start at level 10, VIP Chest access, +100 Gold/day, & Free Scouting. It adds up.

Free scouting is awesome. Free bonuses to XP/Gold/Souls are very useful. Free extra Gems from purchases is a nice thank-you for continuing to spend. VIP Chest is very cost effective. None of them are mind-blowing, sure, but they’re still very nice and all are free bonuses. The only one I have issue with is the troop starting levels since you’re likely to already have basically all of the troops. I really think this one should auto-level everything to level 5/10, not just new ones.

Good advice I wish I had heeded yesterday. That little carrot turned out to be rotten. Is this what wisdom feels like?

Do you know how much money you have to spend to be VIP level 10? Now remember that not all players earn in USD/EUR, but we all pay in USD.

I agree with free scouting. I would say the bonuses are useful, yes, but not worth it alone to raise your VIP level. VIP chests, by the way, while I still can’t access them being at lv 4, I don’t think I’ll ever purchase any because of that insanely high cost. I don’t think it’s cost-effective at all. And free extra gems, well, I’d only buy the daily gems anyway, since they’re the most cost-effective, so that bonus is totally useless to me.