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Hoodoo doll and VIP5

I‘ve just got my Hoodoo Doll and since I‘m VIP lvl 5 it was immediately at level 5. I miss my reward for upleveling the pet; even if it is only 5 gems or so:

All troops start at level 5 for vip level 5. Pets do not.

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So I thought, but actually this time the hoodoo doll was immediately at level 5 and I could not get my reward for leveling it up. Even if it is a meager 5 gems for caring about my pet

My thought is you may recieved the free copy yesterday and upgraded unintentionally.

Then you did the pet rescue today to realize it was already at level 5.

I’m also VIP 6 but i had to upgrade mine.


Yes this seems reasonable, I see that I have two of the pets.
So I May have it upgraded before. Sorry