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VIP level now upgrades all existing troops

I randomly decided to check my soul count today, and happened to notice that troops that were level 1 yesterday are now all level 5? I didn’t put a support ticket in for VIP level or anything. It’s like they all got magically upgraded overnight.

@Nimhain @Sirrian Any ideas? Not that i’m complaining or anything. I just really don’t have an answer.

These troops have all been Level 1 for months as well. Sort of a random out of the blue time for them to suddenly go to level 5.

(To be clear I’m talking about Old troops that I had before being VIP level 5 are now level 5.)

Are you VIP level whatever that allows for all new troops to starter at level 5?

I wonder if the devs finally pushed something through that makes it effect all troops instead of just new ones…

It certainly makes something to look forward to if they did.

Same here, all my level 1 troops magically became level 5.

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Yeah I’ve been VIP 5 for months with no changes. Sirrian even told me they don’t do that. Today randomly they’ve been changed.

Deja vu. Y’all just copy and pasting PM conversations in to threads now?

Of course because this is public and the other thread isn’t. :persevere:

We better not


love them ninja patches :grin:

This is probably caused by an auto update that happened a few days ago.

Yep - that was going to go out in 2.2, but it got pushed out early.
VIP now upgrades all existing troops.

And before anyone asks, no, unfortunately we are unable to retrospectively give back any souls previously spent by people who missed out, sorry… we just don’t have the data required to figure that out.

Half the studio is on vacation this week, so I suspect it was inevitable something like this would slip by without being announced.


I still smell conspiracy!


That was added to the list of QoL improvements…glad we can cross that one off the list!

Now there’s no good reason to allow players to disenchant the last copy of a troop they have.

Already crossed it off the list too!


This is just awesome, I am so glad you guys did this. Once the PS4 shop starts working for me again (been out of commission for roughly 2 months) I will gladly put some more money into this game.

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@Sirrian @Nimhain

Are you going to show the console vip members some love as well? We did not receive this even though we have supported the game also.

You guys are getting a full ai rework i think before the pc/mobile crowd.

That would be good. Our ai was broken with the last update… Do you have a link to your source?

This was harder to find then you would think.

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Thanks for the link! I had not heard anything about that.

As far as the vip goes I think it is something they can do on their servers without having to get an update approved from Sony and MS. The devs have said they want all versions to be the the same so why not apply this to the consoles as well?

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That change is now also live on consoles.