Levelled a kingdom to 6 stars...not calculating correctly

I just spent a lot of souls to level troops in Adana to take it to 6 stars. The game is not calculating the number of points correctly and shows I am still short of the goal. This bug has happened before and was EVENTUALLY corrected. Please address this again Dev Team!

after reaching 5 stars, you receive less points for lvling troops or traiting them.

I’m going to guess you have over 200 levels worth of troops. In that case everything is working just fine.

You get full credit for up to the equivalent of 10 unique troops. That means you get full credit for 10 troops, 200 levels, and 30 traits. Anything above those numbers are scored at 20% the full value. So yes this again forces you to trait all the troops and get them all to mythic if you want to max your kingdom’s value like you had to with only 8 troops when trying to reach 5*.


Not exactly. You can still get full credit as long as you haven’t exceeded certain values. See above.

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To clarify, traits are actually worth 10 points each for the 31st trait and beyond (or 40% of the original 25). Levels and unique troops are indeed worth 20% of their full amounts past their softcaps (2 points instead of 10 per level for each level 201+, 10 points per troop instead of 50 for each troop 11+).

I see threads like this pretty often and I really don’t blame anyone. They really need to be more clear about how kingdom points work in-game.


Since I’m nowhere near 30 traits anywhere, I’ll defer on that. I was just going with the pattern from the other 2.