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Incorrect Troop Stats

Ok so I just hit lv 1400 today and was excited to receive an attack +1 boost but in my next pvp match I saw my Gorgotha with 32 attack and thought “Hang on, wasn’t it already 32?” And after checking with guildmates (lower lv than me) it turns out theirs is 32 also. This made me think about the last few level up bonuses I got from 1100, 1200 and 1300 (armor and life) and I don’t think I got those bonuses added either. But I didn’t check stats prior to lv up so not 100% sure.

So was just checking with everyone here before putting in a support ticket and asking what stats your Gorgotha has. Mine has (when checking from the kingdom screen troop list):

Magic 20
Attack 32
Armor 51
Life 65

I’m in a top guild with all weekly guild tasks done and all my kingdoms are 5* or higher.

Stats from leveling up only affect your hero’s stats. Troop stats are only affected by their own levels, guild tasks, and kingdom bonuses.

Oh wow, didn’t know that. So my troop stats are locked to be the same as someone 100’s of levels lower than me? Kind of makes leveling up even more pointless I guess.

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Dominating arena with that extra attack!

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