Something fishy with PC wars?

Hi everyone.
First off, I didn’t take any screen shots, so if anyone witnessed this, please, feel free to take one and share it with the class !

Today, I played war on PC for the first time since the Unity version release (I usually play them on my phone while taking the bus). And while it’s not the first time I met my demise in war battles, I met it twice on the same day for the first time, and I felt this had to do with the stats of the card I was facing.

I know, in war, we can buff our cards to up to +5 in all magic/attack and +10 in HP/Armor, and I also know that it’s Divinion / Centaur event, but when I saw Centaurs with over 100 base HP and 80 armor, I had to investigate a bit.

I don’t remember every stats of every card I faced, but in the two battles I was overwhelmed, I noted two thing in particular :
1 / Crimson Bat dealing 28 AoE true damage (no team bonus applied)
2 / Astral Spirit dealing 42 true damage (2 Divinion Field bonus applied => no magic bonus)

All my Kingdoms are lvl 10 with power level over 5 and below 10 as any other end game player, so, outside of war, my ennemies should have the same stats for the same card when ascended to the same rarity with same level.

I looked at my troops :
1 / Crimson Bat : 19 AoE true damage
2 / Astral Spirit : 27 true damage (with event boost)

So, unless I missed something, I believe there is something wrong with the stats of defending cards in the Unity version of wars and will probably play all my wars to come on the mobile version for now.

You might have missed the difficulty settings. They are being applied to guild wars.

Why would they do that? ><
Also, my difficulty setting is set to Normal in casual / explore

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It’s a mistake, I believe.
And if it’s not the difficulty setting then I don’t know what it might be. Also I didn’t properly read the threads about the difficulty settings on GW so I could be way off

Edit: This thread explains what happened. Sort of. Apparently after the fix to the difficulty settings PC got boosted stats.

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If you happen to fight against a guild that invests heavy into their sentinels those numbers are entirely possible without bugs, i’m afraid.

Someone pointed out elsewhere that the maximum one can get as a Paragon is +13 (I didn’t make the math though). I was nowhere near Paragon since I lost twice, and here, the Astral Spirit was on +15

I believe the Sentinel bonuses also benefit from Event bonuses since they are buffs to base stats, but i might be wrong.

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I think ure right, Goukiman.

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This is correct. The only reason it seems so high is it is rare for a GW defend troop to have max kingdoms, 50% stats, and maxed sentinel bonus.


Correctly ridiculous. Is a 294 life card also correct?? Because my girlfriend has that screenshot.

Maybe on bracket 1, but I doubt this would happen on bracket 5.

I rarely see anyone buffing anything beyond lvl 2, and when they do, it’s magic and nothing else. Here we are talking about a whole guild upgrading everything to 5? Could be, but I don’t buy it, especially when it happens at the same time I play wars on the Unity version for the first time.

@Flip This might be due to the difficulty settings @Luc mentionned earlier

Well i, bracket 29 buff my Team to 3 attack, 4 life, 4 def and 5 magic. We even had low level player who buffed all to 5.

But well somethin is missing on your Astral Spirit, the best ones in the PvP makes 31 true damage.

Mine has

  • 45 attack (should be missing one from Suncrest being still power level 4)
  • 51 armor
  • 79 health
  • 25 magic (=> 27 damage)

You sure the one you thought didn’t have 4 centaurs team or 4 divinion troop bonus, maybe even the “Blessed” trait procing?

I’m not more really sure, after i post it i and looked at my one, i tought something i miss. First i tought it is that Astral Spirit gets one magic per jellow ore blue, but that is false So i started to seek some of that enemy in the pvp, but till yet i got no astral spirit team. When i seek them, i don’t find them. My mind tell me, it was 4 astral spirit, but maybe there was a other unit under them.

It is a giant bug.
That’s in GW menu. Xbox One

I’m in bracket 5 and I buff all 5 sentinels because I can. Also at least another 5 or so in my guild do as well. And I see others we fight who clearly maxed their sentinels.

Well i found one with 31 true damage, 2 astral spirit with orion and ragnagord. I see nothing what should give here more magic at this team.

Well, I guess I’ll be waiting testimony from someone who has in his possession an Astral Spirit dealing over 30 damage.

On my skill tab, for magic only, it says :

  • 1 : Base skill
  • 4 : level
  • 10 : Kingdom
  • 2 : Ascension
  • 0 : guild (forgot this one, but the max is +2 here)
  • 8 : Event

Wich gives a total of 25, and a spell damage of 27.
I guess with the guild bonus, that would be “+9 from event”, so 30 should be the max I believe.

Mines @34 In guild wars, those guilds that invest more into sentinels can get theirs higher.

I meant outside war