Tier rewards - gold keys

I reached tier 9 and got 1 gold key. Wasn’t it supposed to be glory keys? Now I stopped climbing tiers because the rewards/difficulty ratio is silly. Can you devs look into this please :wink: ?

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We’ll investigate this further.

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Also received gold keys over here… Spent the day getting to tier 1 in the hope that they would become glory keys in the higher tiers.

Edit: Also going to add to this that I reached 60 revenge victories earlier today and didn’t receive an event key either

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Any update on this?
Look, I don’t mean to be whining, but… are we getting 40 gold keys from now on? 40 gold keys is worse than the 10 glory keys from before… Gold keys are dropping from battles.
I respect that you increased the amount of glory we can get, but I shouldn’t purchase 40 glory keys with that extra glory if I got them from rewards, instead I would keep the glory for the weekly packs.


I’m pretty sure you can infer from @Nimhain saying they will look into it that gold keys are not what’s intended.


The images of the keys on the rewards page are gold keys, so it didn’t surprise me when I got them… but yea I kinda wondered why we didn’t get Glory keys in PvP anymore.

They’ll probably look at it later since there are worse problems for some players right now.

My powerfull guess using my mastery of the obvious: They will make a system adjustment to check our highest tier reached during the event and send an e-mail to everyone with the missing glory keys.

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Update on this for you guys:

We’ve confirmed that this shouldn’t be happening and are working on a fix for it currently. Tier Rewards will be giving out Glory keys.

No ETA on the fix.


Can we get a mass sorry for services mail please?

The devs have been really really good in the past every time there has been a problem, even when (e.g. the great server meltdowns) it isn’t their fault. I cannot imagine them NOT sending out the correct number of glory keys once they fix the problem. In fact, they may send out more than the correct number of keys, or some other resources to boot.


I hope so, i remember the twitter fiasco of 2016 with i think it was gems.

This is not specific for the tier rewards but we will be sending out some compensation mail to everyone in the next 24hrs we hope.


@Nimhain I received only 25 glory keys(that means the rewards for tier 3 to 1). I still need 21, can you check this out, please? My ingame code is “Catalin M.” or “CATALIN M.” (without the ""s). I swear I didn’t open any just to be sure I got all 46 of them.

@CatalinM I ended up with 46 gold keys, 0 glory keys… Feeling pretty done over here

Submit a support ticket. Squeaky wheel, etc.

I know the feeling :frowning: 46 glory keys a week would really mean something to me and, in general, to free-to-play players.

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Submitted a support ticket as @Grundulum suggested.

10/10 from @Nimhain - sent my event key and also said there will be mail next week handing out glory keys retrospectively to those who should’ve earned them.

It’s great to see developers that really care about and listen to the community.