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Didn't get any tier rewards

This week i didnt get any tier reawrds. I reached tier 1 and was expecting to log in today and get my rewards (as i didnt get any as expected when i was levelling up last week) but nothing.

Its confusing as it says “You can CLAIM these rewards whenever you achieve a new Tier during an event” but last week i just got them in bulk after the event finished. I cant see anywhere to claim these and i certainly havent had anything this week.

Im therefore missing a shedload of gold souls glory and keys? If im not getting this then there is virtually no point playing pvp (or much else in the game for that matter. Can this be fixed asap.

it just feels like a lot of problems and issues recently - i appreciate this is probably due to the upgrade but its been a few weeks now.

I am on Xbox One Console.


You get your rewards as you gain a tier now. It does not get mailed to you at the end of the week. Only the first week after there psych did we get mailed to get awarded what was earned before the patch came out.

I play the PC version of the game and I also didn’t get any rewards during PVP.
The Tier reward tab tells me the rewards have been given but that’s not the case. I didn’t got any souls, gold, glory or glory keys from tier ups.

Never happened before though just wanted to tell you SE7ENDEVILS that you aren’t alone out there.

in past there was a bug sometimes happening to give a ‘bulk’ of tier rewards in advance at the reset of the week:

what actually happens(in that case) is a bug that read your pvp rating from last week when checking your status in new week - by mistake assuming as if you already reached 1900 pvp points in new week - and so it gives all of the tier rewards in advance at once since the new week reseted made them available to claim

basically treat it as a reward claimed just too early.
therefore when at reset you got whole bulk for the entire week u cant get a thing anymore…

  • next week you either get that bug again and claim bulk for another week in advance or nothing happens and then as you climb pvp points you get tier rewards accordingly

i thought they did fix that bug a while ago.

so as you didnt get any bulk rewards this reset i assume you will just get your tier rewards accordingly as you climb the points :slight_smile: and that is the way it suppose to be

I submitted a ticket because I didn’t know about this former bug. But I am not entirely sure if or if I didn’t get the rewards in advance. Because there were many guild tasks finished right after the reset. Just waiting on an answer now :slight_smile: But thank you for the information.

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let me know if you get any rewards when you reach a tier, it should pop up just as defense victory/loss rewards blinking the pvp button and showing some loot as you click it

and yeah contacting support is rather best option anyway

Didn’t … that was the point when I submitted the ticket.
Wanted to be sure and watched carefully at the tier up from 6 to 5, but nothing. So I stopped playing PVP for today.

Thank you for the concern about this problem :slight_smile: