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PvP ranked - Level up no gold, no souls, no glory, no key

thank you in advance for your update.

But the last week when we change the rank with the PvP mode we receive directly the gold, souls, glory and key.

Per example if you have 600 xp you receive 100 gold and 5 souls. If you continue and arrive to the level 13 with 700 xp you receive 125 gold and 10 souls.

This week we receive nothing. I receive nothing. Did we receive the gold, souls, glory and key the the next week as the last version of the game ?

Thank you

This is happening to me as well. As stated above, no tier rewards are being received as I go up a tier. Has there been a change, @Sirrian?

Koolbiird make your topic, here it’s not this problem.
Thank you

Steam Version,
same for me, no rewards gained after rank up. But today I received lot of rewards as if I finished Rank 1 in advance.
I also was Rank 1. After I won a PVP fight my rank was Changed to 15. Therefore I think the rewards were delivered in advance somehow.

General question here for the people having the problem… are you playing on the PC, IOS, or Android system when this is happening? (Not that I’m a dev here, but just wondering if it’s maybe a platform issue or just unfortunate random strikes.)

iPhone 5c and iPad Air.

The problem is on my Windows 7 PC

Same here, I dont get any Tier reward by playing ranked. When i reach a new rank threshold I dont have the “Tier Reward” button pulsing like last week, so even if I click on it I can only see the rank I am at the moment, but no reward is given.
I had no problem whatsoever last week, only from yesterday.

Playing on a laptop with Windows 8.1 if it can help!

Everyone who isn’t getting rewards from ranked PVP Tiers should contact support.

Hello Nimhain,
ticket created
Thank you in advance