It will be nice to have a New Hero class

It’s been so looooong since we get a new class. They are waiting in the depth of the game files…

So when they will come? And are you planning to release them periodically? Like every mid-month could be nice ;-).

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I would love a Dragon class or something like that. I didn’t dig through the files but I too hope that new classes come out soon

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What do we want? NEW CLASSES!

When do we want them? SOON TM! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(On serious note: We don’t have an ETA on the next classes yet)


But is there any reasons to not release them?

Dwarf class! To go with my skin purchase

Bug testing, balance testing, and the fact that it might make more sense to be released after other kingdoms/troops are released are 3 reasons I can think of.


I don’t think we’re going to see a “Dragon” class or a “Dwarf” class, because the philosophy thus far has been to keep classes as professions and not races. Now, that said, it’s entirely possible that we might see a “Firebreather” class with a “Dragonkin” style Perk, and a “Digger” or “Beardmaster” or “Ale-Tamer” or whatever with a “Dwarf-friend” Perk.


I’d be more comfortable calling them talents or skills, rather than professions.

I’d like to see a hero class with impervious trait. :sunglasses:


How about something like this? :stuck_out_tongue:

Dwarven Shieldwall

+4 Attack
+8 Armour
Counts as Dwarf for Team Bonuses

Gem Mastery: Blue
Kingdom: Khaziel
Magic Weapon: Brown

Reinforced (Recover +1 Armor each turn)
Shieldwall (100% Reduction from skull damage)

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I would like to see a hero class with necromancy as a trait and being a dragon as one of the perks. It should also have a magic bonus for using yellow weapons since there is no good yellow dragons. Another trait could be enchant a random ally on 4/5 gem matches I don’t think anyone has that as a trait yet.

I need that for my dragon team I’m using Krystenax/The Dragon Soul/Sylvanimora but I can’t find a 4th dragon that works well with them.

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I don’t see how Necromancy fits with Dragons though… if anything the Necromancer class should get the Necromancy trait… :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think we’ve seen a 4/5 match enchant random ally (Krystnax’s is only himself) so that could be interesting. Though I also feel like it might be a trait will see on a future Silverglade Legendary or Mythic.

I just want necromancy with a dragon perk because it would perfectly with The Dragon Soul. Enchanting a random ally will probably be for a Silverglade mythic but I would prefer it on a hero class to make hero a bit more useful. I never really see hero being used on defend teams and I only really use it in arena.

I think Khaziel has/will have enough troops with X% Reduction from skull damage…

Lol nice. Perfect. :sunglasses:

Shadow Dragon or Venbarak works well for me in the 4th spot on that very deck.

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i can only interpret it as trolling

Not entirely. Though I agree that Impervious and the skull damage reduction together is probably a bit much. I just got a bit stuck on trying to think of an interesting 3rd trait for the class in the short time I was thinking about it. :stuck_out_tongue:

i see, well even without thickhead/impervious we dont have a unit who would get further then 75% and here you toss 100% that was just overdone double the standards :stuck_out_tongue:

i wouldnt ever give impervious troop any more then 25% of any type damage reduction, and also i wouldnt give it to hero but to legendary/mythic if so xD otherwise the lower rarity or hero class would have to pay the balance with very poor base life+armor stats etc

To be honest I think the 100% damage reduction works better for the hero than Impervious. And we have seen some very strong 3rd traits on the hero. I don’t know how 100% would work in practice, but when you look at traits such as Archer’s 15% lethal skull damage, and Mechanist’s All-Mechs-Have-Fast, I don’t think a trait that is 100% (or maybe 99%?) is all that impossible.