Next class predictions


My prediction is that Khaziel will get the next class.
The class will use Brown/Yellow or Blue/Red mana weapons.
The class will be named as Barbarian.
3rd perk: Dwarf chum - The hero counts as a Dwarf for Team Bonuses.

What is your prediction? :slight_smile:



I’m on console and have no idea what this is…


Well, there is this hint from Nimhain:


Thanks! :slight_smile:


Cannibal - counts as a Monster perk.


New Hero Class:

  • +4 Hours of work per day
    "I’m so close to having this bug fixed! I am sure I’m just minutes away from figuring it out!"

  • +0.8% Salary
    Company profits are through the roof, and your sacrifice of social life, sanity, and the occasional limb have not gone unnoticed!

  • Developer counts as Human for team bonuses
    Through tireless practice you have mastered the art of appearing to be a normal person in social settings!


  • Support Link: Gain bonus Closed Tickets from Support Ticket matches
  • Frustrated: Deal double Skull damage vs. Desk
  • Caffeinated: Start battles with full cup of coffee

Unique Weapon:
Nerfbat - 15 Purple Mana - Reduce a random Skill by 2 on a random enemy.


Skull damage by hitting your head on the desk? :stuck_out_tongue:


Thief Class - third trait is disguise and hides two troops even when scouting.


Or possibly give Stealthy to troops that are above and below it.