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Future Class Ideas?

Seeing as we’re due for a new class pretty soon, I was wondering what ideas people have for what they might be?

The two main ones I’m hoping for are a Melee-type class for Khaziel, like a Dwarven ‘Ironbreaker,’ and a Divinion Fields Cavalier class.

id love a class with necromancy. thats the only trait i can think of in a hero that -i’d- be really considering to use…


Though not specifically said, i would like a hero for zaijin, come on goblin hero extra turn mechanic!

Summary of current classes

Archer - Elf - Forest of Thorns
Assassin - Naga - Mist of Scales
Knight - Knight - Sword’s Edge
Mechanist - Mech - Adana
Necromancer - Undead - Khetar
Orbweaver - Mystic - Zhul’Kari
Priest - Divine - Whitehelm
Sorcerer - Daemon - Karakoth
Warden - Beast - Maugrim Woods
Warlord - Giant - Broken Spire

So what troop types are lacking?
Goblin from Zeajin
Dragon from Dragon’s Claw
Dwarf from Khaziel
Elemental from Drifting Sands?
Rogue from new pirate theme kingdom?
Human from ???
Fey from ???

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Well, anyone who was looking at Classes on my site for the last week or so has a pretty good idea of what classes are coming next :stuck_out_tongue: (I’ve removed spoilers from there now, though.)

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