New Hero class - Dwarf Digger


class Digger -
+8 life, +4 armor, Count as dwarf,


  • health to dwarves,
    +brown mana on matches,
    take half (quarter or whatever % here) damage from spell damage, colors brown and blue. (or a chance to dodge spell damage)

Weapon explode 3 (fixed amount) blue and 3 (fixed amount) brown gems and gain (magic +3) gold (or something of the likes :slight_smile: )


Am I the only one who’s hoping that the 9th hero class is a monster?


Well, we don’t have a druid/shaman class so i’m almost placing my money on it for the (current) last slot.
If i just hit the nail in the head, can we get just a short answer @Nimhain? Just like:
“Yes, can’t say when.”
"No, it will be something else, by the way you would lose your money. :stuck_out_tongue:"
I promise i won’t ask about it anymore. :innocent:


Last kingdom we got had fey, hey why we no fey class?


Because Fey refers to a race, the Fairies. Dryads, trolls, elves, dwarfs in some cultures are all fairies, it depends of your cultural reference.


We have fey as a troop type, elf as a troop type, dwarfs as a troop type, basicly as hero classes go we have hero classes that are troop typed. Those you named are in themselves their own troop type or own troop, except troll. Why have we not gotten a troll, oh wait never mind i asked. Last thing we need is trolls in the games.


The troops types in this game are not a good reference, some are like classes while others are just the race. For example Goblin Rocket is a construct, but what/who is the troop? The Goblin or the Rocket? @Cell could probably add a line in Gobby’s adventures where he doesn’t knows if he is a person or the rocket himself. A figurative way to show that in a goblin society, (war driven society) he is recognized for what he does and not for who he is… :wink:

It’s not like as if we can have a Mechanist counting as construct that our hero just became a cyborg or a robot. I see it more like if his affinity/familiarity with those troops is really great to the point that his tactics fits well with his allies.
The Druid/Shaman class could have Feybond because the class channels the nature forces/energy to use at his will, as well as it could have Blessed because the natural magic is usually divine magic.

All of this from a RPG/Fantasy point of view.


Next Hero Class is a real killer :wink:

Next class predictions

Assassin, oh well i guess i would lose my money, but thanks anyway @Nimhain. :kissing_heart:


I did not do that class’s story line so i assumed after learning about constructs he decided to make himself a cyborg using magic and science to become stronger.[quote=“Nimhain, post:8, topic:7556”]
Next Hero Class is a real killer :wink:

Does this signify monster or beast? [quote=“Ivar, post:9, topic:7556”]
Assassin, oh well i guess i would lose my money, but thanks anyway @Nimhain Ninhaim. :kissing_heart:

Or marauder?


Beast is presently covered. (Warden)

Not that there isn’t a good chance of repeat troop types, but that probably won’t occur until we’ve made it through all the present ones. (Similarly to flag/kingdom colors)


There is actually an Easter Egg in the story (coming soon by the way) where the fact that Gobby isn’t a Maurder is alluded too but not outright mentioned. It’ll be fun seeing if people can spot it.


Could also be a Human, or Wildfolk.


It amuses me that you can elect to turn your hero into a fish-thinger, and then class into something that can “count as a human for team bonuses.”


Yeah I actually had to double check that none of the current classes counted as a Human. Wildfolk is pretty amusing as well. Oh you’re a human looking hero? But you count as a wolf-like thing?


if there was a dwarf image for a choice i would so be using it…
edit: even if the female does have a beard too. :smiley:


Here’s a sneak peak at the dwarf race:


:crying_cat_face: dwarves dont look like humans…